Join BBird and Susy Scott of The GroomPod in a journey into pet shampoos. Part 1 of Beyond Suds & Scent covers how shampoos work & how they are marketed, what types of ingredients to expect in a pet shampoo, the differences between various special use shampoos, facts and myths about common additives such as oatmeal, aloe vera, argan oil etc. Bring your burning questions to ask BBird, This will be a two hour webinar. Part II will cover conditioners. WEBINAR TERMS TERMS OF SERVICE - By purchasing this webinar, you agree to the the following terms: Latest Registration Time: Registration and payment for webinars must be made at least 2 hours before the broadcast time. Later registrations may not be processed in time for you to attend live, though we will do our best However a link to the recording will be provided if your booking could not be processed in time. Payment: The link to a webinar and your password will be released only upon payment of the appropriate fee. Payment is made at It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address used to register is correct. Copyright: Copyright in all materials remains vested in The Groom Pod, Susy Scott and Barbara Bird. No part of this presentation, in whole or parts thereof shall be used without explicit written permission of the presenters. IOW, reuse of these materials is strictly prohibited. Violations will be prosecuted. Broadcast: All reasonable effort will be made to ensure the webinars take place on the advertised date and time. In the event that the webinar does not take place, an alternative date/time will be substituted by The Groom Pod. No refund will be made should you be unable to attend the changed date/time, although you will be given access to the recorded webinar. Likewise, no refunds are given if you should be unable to attend. The Groom Pod is not liable and not obliged to waive the webinar fee, if you cannot view the webinar due to firewalls, other hardware or software issues within your home or business site, or any failure of technology used by you. We will be using the AnyMeeting platform for broadcast. Check the website for Attendee Guides.
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